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Tasked with saving our precious waters, the crew of the Yellow Submarine ventured into the ocean's gyres in BEST Robotics's 2018 game: Current Events.

Current Events  Game

This year's competition, Current Events, is themed around cleaning the ocean's trash deposits and saving animals from this trash in our oceans.
4 teams will be pitted against one another for individual efficiency as they glide along their individual currents where 2 rubber duckies can be saved.
The robot's target items will vary from size from microplastics to 1-liter plastic bottles in each of the four gyres: an Indian ocean gyre, an Atlantic Ocean gyre, and 2 Pacific Ocean gyres.
There are 2 spotters, the field engineer, and field scientist.
The field engineer can collect ocean garbage and recycle the garbage to build reef blocks for extra points.
The field scientist can assess and secure wildlife.
Saving turtles tangled in the trash is double the points than the unaffected wildlife, so drivers will need to be on the lookout in aiding their field scientists.
The environmental awareness that Current Events can help us make cleaner oceans for wildlife and create a cleaner ocean ecosystem for future generations.


Current Events opened our eyes on the current situtation our oceans are in. We learned of the extent of our polution, its effects on the wildlife and ultimately us, and how we can solve our pollution crisis.
Now that we are aware of the grave danger our environment is in, we can work to have a clean oceans for animals, plants, a clean ocean ecosystem for future generations.